Aisha Ali

Aisha Ali




Aisha says:

We share one thing and that’s the EARTH! Let’s save it together.


Aisha Ali is a Teaching and Research Assistant at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where she had her undergraduate studies in BSc Natural Resource Management majoring in Wildlife and Range Management. She hails from Bawku in the Upper East Region of Ghana but was born and bred in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region. She is a committed and a practicing Muslim.

She undertook her undergraduate research on a family of birds called Columbidae and has served as a field assistant to some research works and conservation initiatives including the KNUST Biodiversity Inventory Project and CSC – Ghana’s Home’s hinge-back Tortoise conservation project in the Boi-Tano Forest Reserve, amassing appreciable knowledge on field work, researching and writing skills.

She likes to read, watch entertaining videos on wildlife, movies, music and general researches. She loves to counsel others and set them free from distress in her best capacity and ability. She believes the environment is an important aspect of our life and world which is defenseless together with its natural resource it carries in its belly hence she aims to stand as a defense and contribute her iota to defending this important defenseless aspect of our life.

Aisha is passionate about wildlife, conservation ecology and community engagement; and thus aspires to be a researcher and conservation scientist as well as a lecturer in the future to be able to impart her knowledge and skills to others, inspiring people to be environmentally conscious.