CSC – Ghana is 5 today!

CSC - Ghana 5th year anniversary
Today, Saturday May 1, 2021, marks the 5th year of the establishment of CSC – Ghana. A journey full of challenges in striving to protect natural resources and the future of humans and the planet. 
In 2016 we started out as a students’ group from the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, advocating for environmental friendliness. Over the 5 year stretch, we have made some significant gains for protecting some threatened species and habitats in Ghana, and have contributed to various discussions on these species. 
CSC – Ghana is proud to say that for these few 5 years, we have actively helped to ensure continued existence of pangolins, forest tortoises, amphibians, bats, birds, molluscs and several plant species. We have also made substantial gains towards upholding the health of forest and savanna ecosystems and the restoration of and habitats destroyed by small-scale mining. We have also continued to build the capacities of Ghana’s future resource managers through our CSC – Ghana Workshop Series and volunteer opportunities.
We can only move upward and forward, and will continually create waves of positive change in all areas of natural resource management.
CSC – Ghana; Celebrating 5 years of successful work for biodiversity conservation, for humans and for the planet!  


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