We Are 3 Today!

CSC @ 3

Today marks 3 years of CSC – Ghana’a establishment. We began on May 1, 2016 as an advocacy group in the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, KNUST as “Capacity For Change, Ghana“, a name which was changed to “Capacity For Sustainable Change – Ghana” in 2018.

We started by looking at waste disposal on KNUST campus and surrounding communities, interviewing students and residents of these communities. 

In our 3 years, we have been able to reach out to more than 250 residents, in working to protect biological diversity, human livelihoods and environmental integrity.

We have also built the capacities of future resource managers, ecologists and conservationists through our CSC – Ghana Workshop Series

We will continually create waves of positive change, wherever we find ourselves, and we encourage others to do so.

Working for biological diversity, for humans and for the planet!



Be Inspired To Make A Difference!