A message from the Executive Director, Victor Agyei

Victor Agyei, Exeutive Director, CSC - Ghana

Humans depend on natural resources for survival. Nature feeds us, clothes us, inspires us and gives us a special reason to wake up every single day. We must realize that without the provisions of this planet, we shall cease to exist. In a society where we are more concerned with talking than acting on our problems, we shall continually face the challenges associated with our thinking patterns.

We continually exploit our natural resources indiscriminately, giving no consideration to the thousands of species we displace with every single tree we cut, every ounce of minerals mined, every drop of water polluted and every gram of plastic that we dispose. It is time to come together to heal the wounds of our planet, for it is the backbone of our existence and continued survival. We owe our children and our children’s children that much, to ensure that they do not suffer the harsh implications of our frenzied quest for development and economic strength.

At Capacity For Sustainable Change – Ghana (CSC – GHANA), we work to ensure the continued survival of the biological heritage and natural resources of Ghana and the world at large. We also employ a participatory approach in working to improve the livelihoods and economic prospects of rural folk and people living in/near biodiversity habitats and hotspots. We realize the importance of integrated approaches, which is why we continually work with local communities, stakeholders and our partner institutions. We also build the capacities of future resource managers through our Workshop Series. 

For us at CSC – Ghana, the future must be secure for humans, biodiversity and the planet.

We are Inspired To Make A Difference!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

– Dr. Theodore Giesel Seuss