The Women For Sustainable Environment of Capacity For Sustainable Change – Ghana is committed to ensuring healthy, safe and serene natural and social environment for women and children.
At the WSE, we realize that women and children are key stakeholders in the successful sustainable management of natural resources, and must have a say in the policy-making and planning processes thereof.

Message From The WSE President

Our natural environment covers and protects us. It is our source of life and the entirety of our life is dependent on it, for growth and development.
Women need to be equally and actively involved in processes to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity, because they play critical roles as primary land managers and resource users.
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For us at WSE, we stand as a beacon, encouraging and projecting the voice of women, in the quest for sustainable environment.

“The world’s women are the key to sustainable development, peace and security” 

Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary-General, 2007-2016)

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